Monday, March 11, 2013

The trailer is up!

We're very pleased to present the promo trailer for '5th Passenger'.

Here it is on Vimeo:

And on YouTube:

Directed By Scott Baker
Written by Scott Baker & Morgan Lariah
Director of Photography & Editor Prince Bagdasarian
Tim Russ as Franklin
Morgan Lariah as Miller
Manu Intiraymi as Thompson
Curtis Fortier as Myers
Visual Effects by Tobias Richter
Set Design by Neil Johnson
1st Assistant Director - Angela Liu
Sound by Jason Moran
1st Assistant Camera - Timothy Gigliardo
Makeup - Rick Baker
Audio Mix - Hauk Heimdallsman
Color by Loren White
Script Supervisor - Dom Zook
Pod Concept Design by Irving Martinez
On Set Photography by Erik Fischer and Anoil Servenous
Boom - Carlos Cuellar
BTS Video - Amanda Zhang
Craft Services - Jasmine Boerner
Production Assistant - EJ De La Pena

Very Special Thanks to:
Neil Johnson
Marc and Elaine Zicree
PIB Productions

5th Passenger Official Site:
PIB Productions:
The Light Works:

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